Friday, August 1, 2014

Of twenty seven things

Few words: People celebrating massacre - I don’t understand, I don’t wish to. WORLD PEACE PLEASE!!
You know what. I will just go through my phone and randomly select 27 photos to blog.

WARNING: It is going to be a very long one, ultimately filled with irrelevant photos and few lines of words that don’t really make sense. Do not panic if it feels like a self-answered Q&A. Take deep breathe.

1. One year, 365 days.

It took me more than 365 days to update. All in all, just so I have an entry this year.

 2. Age got the better part of me.

Feeling old and signs of aging started to show. I wonder how Kobe keeps up.

3. Too much academic writing for the past two months.

Now it is so hard for me just to crack a joke.

4. Friends around me are all getting married.

Sigh, more angpow.

5. Met some really amazing people.

It is always a pleasure to have them in life.

6. Work over hobby.

You just drop out some hobbies to make room for work.

7. No cooking is allowed.

Hence I became a microwave cooking master.

8. My 8 years watch finally stop working.

It has been a long journey, my friend.

9. Achieved another milestone today.

But there is still a long long long way to go. Yes no typo, it is triple long.

10. Still at #10? I run out of things to say.

But let’s see how far I can go.

11. Developed immunity towards my phone alarm.

Overslept a few times, need a bigger alarm.

12. Sick for almost one week, terrible experience.

Always sucks to be away from home.

13. Lose yourself sometimes.

Lose yourself and forget everything else in the world. Come on, you need a break occasionally.

14. It is just a matter of being happy in life.

But don’t be too gay. People misunderstand.

15. Got first-runner up in a basketball competition.

Had fun and extra 30 dollars voucher in my drawer.

16. Even my second watch gave up on me.

I guess it is time to shop.

17. Make friend with McD’s squirrel.

He likes fries. I wonder if he wants coke.

18. Got a prank message.

I am flattered but I think you got the wrong person.

19. Stop visiting gym for some time.

Out of shape like Mister Potato.

20. A famous blogger visited and comment on my blog.

Not a big deal but I can add that to my resume.

21. Got myself a bicycle.

It is faster but tiring. Couldn’t conquer the slope.

22. Worry not to have 27 photos for this post.

Biarlah, nobody gonna read anyway.

23. Have a tendency to do last minute work.

Something gotta change.

24. Realized that I visited Chinatown the most during my two years in Singapore.

Thanks to Kambing’s skewer and beers.

25. Fly with Firefly for the first time.

Shaky experience, feel that bus is better.

26. A best friend of mine told me; to understand my blog – only read the last line.
I guess he is right.

27. Today, I am twenty seven.

So, read this, Ken!

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