Sunday, February 21, 2016

Truly Thy, Tee

Few words: This post might sounds a tad sissy but that is just because you don't know how to appreciate the feminine side of a gentleman. Really, you have no clue at all.
And so while i was reading something I downloaded from the internet. I realized that the weight of four A4 papers can be quite burdening ionic exchange can be quite severe in some cases involving protons from moisture.


Few days back, a girl told me that blogging should be from the heart and not by brainstorming or plotting some agenda behind words. Then later I asked myself, if I really blog from heart without filtering anything, there is a big chance, I am blogging behind bars now.

The same girl was really disappointed I don't take planning seriously, as I didn't put up an effortful celebration (in your words): "for a meaningful occasion together". But the fact is, I was trying to do it as simple as possible, so the celebration today will be *hopefully* something (I quote from your words again): "to remember for life".

And so here it goes,
Sawadikap Tee,


I really hope you enjoy the dinner here. I took the luxury of our monthly budget to buy you and myself some 'atas' dinner. Don't say full now, there should be a chocolate cake coming soon (if it is still nowhere to be seen, nudge me, I pre-paid for it already).

Initially I was planning to post this beforehand, but I didn't know you still visit my blog regularly (again, thanks for your contribution towards the visitor counts). And ruin the surprise is not my perfect reason to gain more visitor counts, so I took it down almost immediately.

I also bought you something, from the luxury of our next month budget *gulp*.

It better fits! I've been tricking you to try my watch so many times to gauge your wrist size. I hope it is better than the angrybird-self-proclaimed Pandora. And this is what I've been 'look look see see' for the past few days. I got to admit, there are so many charms out there and so many to choose. Nevertheless, I chosen only a few though (can't afford spending the next two months budget);
Bear Hug. Didn't I told you that I was going to give you a bear hug. Even better, with santa hat somemore.
Love Letter. Something that every girl should receive from their love one. You've just received one.
Lucky Penny. I don't deny I was going to force this name to you *cough* so that *cough* it can be more *cough* meaningful *cough*. Haha!
Happy Be-earlied Birthday, Tee!! 

Hope you like tonight arrangement.
Or perhaps, could the charms also represents Valentine, CNY and Christmas, in your words, why not let's celebrate all this "meaningful occasion together". But you are on your own to figure this out. *wink*

Starbucks James  

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